Elevator or Chairlift - Install or Replace in Toronto, ON

Although a home elevator may be more stylish, a chairlift is more affordable and can be installed within a shorter time. A traditional home elevator may require more space and installation time, but nowadays there are also shaftless elevators available for 2 story homes.

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Published: 02/14/2024
Thank-you for such great service, Really appreciate hard work and would love to connect again. Thank-you
Published: 12/05/2023
I ordered a residential elevator to Federal elevator a year ago, while we were in the process of ordering they were responsive however after I signed the contract paid the deposit they hided behind emails. the sale person never...
Published: 11/02/2023
Poor quality installation, very difficult talking to anyone, they never answer the phone but hid behind voice mail. Ask for a service call and they send the technician to the wrong city. Takes more than a week to get service....